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依依不捨 It’s hard to say goodbye…

四月 14, 2009


It bacame a habit to just come to here… I don’t know how long I can sustain this… sigh… Just went to check top growing blogs for traditional chinese fonts in wordpress… I am no. 47… It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…

沒想到的是, 雖然狠下心腸搬家了… 但是, 還是依依不捨, 肝腸欲斷… 順便也跑去看看wordpress繁體中文部落的排行榜… 驚見自己的部落榜上有名…


Moved… 搬家…

四月 13, 2009

I here by announce that I had moved to http:/ I will still try to update here whenever possible. The reason why I had chosen to move else where is basicly the wordpress server is getting slower and slower whenever I try to upload a photo or even just to load my page. sigh… I certainly hope that this decision won’t cause too much problems to all of you. I hope that all of you will continue support me as per usual. Thank you…

我搬家了… 終於下了決心搬家. 網址是 http:/ 我會試試看兩邊都更新. 畢竟感情上, 這裡還是我的第一個家. 搬家最主要的原因是因為最近線路上的問題, 每當我上傳照片或是要進入本網站的時候… 實在是太慢了… 唉… 希望不會讓大家帶來太多的不便… 也希望大家繼續支持小狐…

四月 9, 2009

For your info, I am trying out something at blogspot. Due to certain reasons… =,=" If you don’t see my updates here. Do try the link below. Thank you…

各位鄉親父老. 叔伯兄弟, 靚女俊男… 小狐最近嘗試一些新東東, 或許會暫時性, 或許永久性不更新本網 @@" 不便之處還望各位多多包涵… 謝謝!

小昇游馬記 – 摩摩檔 Jesson’s trip to Malaysia – Mamak

四月 8, 2009

Talked about BRJ… YEAH… Back to the good old days, where all of us went there for tea break after studies, after gaming all night @@" This is one of the earliest mamak that operates 24 7 365… We were there to celebrate friends’ Bday, we were there to meet up with other mirc chat room’s members, we were there… etc. There were so many things happened there or started there… hahaha…

Ok, let’s go back to the topic. After all the walking around KLCC, both of us were tired and finally decided to go to mamak. So before we went there I called up Olivia(my cyber sis). I asked her: “hey, BRJ still exist?" She replies: “Of coz, they are even better nowdays!" So, we went there together. ^^"

First scene on site? Wow!! Nowdays TARCIANS are everywhere near there!! Just like the good old days… And looking for BRJ?? WoW!!! They renovated and become better too… More seats, big projector screens, wi-fi too…

說起當年, 不勝唏噓… 當年, 這個地方是我們一班朋友為朋友慶祝生日的地方, 它也是我們常去喝茶的地方. 畢竟, 當年它也是第一家全年無休, 二十四小時營業的餐廳… 還沒去到那裡之前, 打了個電話給Olivia(偶乾妹), 問她:"BRJ還存在嗎?" 她說: “人家現在還擴張營業捏…"

去到那裡, 嚇到… 哇~ 好多人喔… 找停車位都不容易. 轉了個圈, 碰巧有車子離開才有停車位 @@" 走到BRJ, 發現新大陸, 的確擴張了, 從當年的一間店面, 改成現在的高級摩摩檔 @@" 有投射螢幕, 還有WI-FI @@"


Basicly, Jesson can’t take spicy food at all =,=" so, after looking through their menu and I ordered this – Roti Tisu!!! He loves it since his first bite ^^" Crispy & sweet…

小昇不能吃辣 =,=" 只好點了這個"紙巾面餅" 也就是印度煎餅的一種… 印度大兄把麵粉搓成一團後, 再用旋轉技術把面團甩來甩去… 把面團甩到變成薄薄的一片後, 才拿去煎, 煎好的時候又乘熱把面團弄成照片中的形狀. 工程浩大捏… 不過,小昇倒是吃個不亦樂乎.. 又香又脆 ^^"


He’s loving it!!!

有圖為證!!! ^^" 哈哈…


I also ordered the roti john to let him try out. Coz this is a bit spicy, so I even told the mamak not to put chili sauce. @@"  Guess what? He loves this too ^^"

下一道是約翰麵包 – 把雞蛋跟一些餡料(通常都是肉碎,洋蔥之類的) 煎好後, 夾在事前煎好的長麵包內. 這個呢? 小昇也是吃到讚不絕口 ^^"


Well, we actually waited for Olivia to show up. She was late coz couldn’t find a place to park. =,="  So, we talked and eat some more lor… She had maggie goreng & teh tarik. O… she let Jesson tried some too… But, I can’t remember what’s his response. I only remembered he looked for drinks after trying the noodles =,="

After this, we said goodbye and went to the Malaysia eye. I wasn’t expecting much, just hoping to be able to find it still there with lights on. And it took me quite a while just to find the correct location of this place @@" TAdAA~ lovely isn’t it? ^^" This picture was taken right before it is removed and relocated at Melaka. So, this is my first visit to the eye at Titiwangsa Lake and it is my last time I guess… By the way, it was midnight already, I was wondering why there are still some peoples with family having picnic there. I mean like having picnic there is ok. But, come on man~ It was midnight already @@" Please look behind Jesson, on the ground… those were food & drinks =,="

Suddenly, it was raining again… =,=" we rushed back to the van, then head back to hotel and rest… Coz tomorrow we have a long way to go… (to be continue)

在那裡吃東西的時候, 我們同時間也等待著Olivia的到來. 珊珊來遲的原因 – 找不到停車位 =,=" 她點了拉茶還有炒泡麵. 兩樣都讓小昇試吃了一點, 沒啥記得小昇的反應, 因為我只記得他吃了點面就拼命喝飲料 =,=" 他說很辣…

吃飽喝足後, 跟偶乾妹說掰掰後. 我們前往了馬來西亞之眼去看看夜景. 沒想到, 十年沒去過的那個公園居然還讓我費了不少功夫去認路 =,=" 碰巧那麼天倫在被我拍了沒多久之後, 就整個搬到馬六甲去了. @@" 我相信這應該是我的最後一次去這個公園了… 令我感到驚奇的是 – 已經是午夜十二點多了, 怎麼還有人帶著一家大小在那裡野餐? (看看照片中, 小昇背後的地上那一堆食物+飲料) @@"  拜託啦~ 半夜了拉, 小孩子遲睡對身體不好捏…

小昇的反應還是如常的 : “哇~ 好靚阿~" 只是, 突然間~ 又下雨了… 我們只好三步兩步快快跑回車子… 然後, 乖乖回酒店休息了(待續)


四月 6, 2009


Seems like not much people like this… @@" or no one even knows that it existed since few days ago… I was just trying this out and maybe with some luck at least someone will let me know they like this design or not.. haha… So you!! Yeah, you – the one who are reading this, please let me know what you think about this design for my blog. hehe.. Thanks in advance…

把這個小小的調查卷, 偷偷地放在這裡, 不想大事宣傳, 沒想到結果居然是三個雞蛋 =,=" 只是想知道大家喜歡這個設計嗎? 看來我不大大聲聞一下是沒有人回答的嚕 =,=" 所以, 你!!! 就是你!!!! 正在看著這一篇的你!!! 麻煩你按一下好嗎?? 呵呵…

Earth Hour 09 @ Kuantan

四月 4, 2009

On the day itself…. I rushed out from the house… Drove all the way to East Coast Mall, all the way up to the roof top car park. Trying to get a good shot at the night scene for this remarkable moment. And guess what… TaDaAAAA~ there is no difference at all =,=" Totally dissapointed…


Before 8:30pm, I took this…


After 8:30pm, I got this… DAMN!!! Was there any difference??? 

 Starbucks Coffee at East Coast Mall Kuantan….

 At least, where I had dinner they responded to this event. =,="

 Aiyo… y you always take our picture? I wanna shoot back!!! =,="

Candle in the wind~

Cute Evon behind my setup at the dinner table ^^"

Fed-up… Time to drink!!! Went to KTV to sing & drink =,="

Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Jack, 狐

   Earth Hour 2009 by WWF – Sign up for Earth Hour!

小昇游馬記 – KLCC Jesson’s trip to Malaysia – KLCC

四月 4, 2009

 小昇來訪, 第二站 – KLCC. 為啥選擇這裡? 因為畢竟是全馬來西亞夜景最漂亮的其中一個地方咩… 再說, 它也是全國最高的建築物, 全世界或許還找不到第二個地方有醬大的兩顆玉蜀黍 =,="

其實, 那天晚上照片拍了很多. 我從所有的照片裡面, 選出了個人認為比較可以讓人看的 =,=" 希望大家給點意見…

小昇那晚在那裡, 說的最多的就是 – “哇!!!!! 好靚啊!!!"  @@" 其實, 如果真正說到夜景, 香港還是比我們好的多了… =,=" 無妨, 反正來到了, 我們就從裡面走到外面, 然後從建築物附近跑到公園裡面. 那時候, 我應該還有提起當年轟動全馬的新聞 – 情侶在這公園裡面接吻被罰款事件 =,=" 拜託啦, 兩個男人晚上跑到公園裡面, 不找些話題, 分分鐘被人們當作同志 @@" 不過, 還好的就是, 那天晚上, 我們沒有被罰款 Y=,=Y

花了大概一個小時, 把KLCC裡裡外外跑了一圈. 然後, 就是游車河想想下一站該帶他去那裡 @@" 因為老天爺又下雨嚕… 我們逛遍了Bukit Bintang, Ampang, Bintang Walk, Petaling Street, Bangsar… 最後, 決定帶小昇去吃mamak =,=" 去那裡好呢? 後來聊起當年本狐唸書的日子, 想到了以前常去的mamak – BRJ!!! 那是對於拉曼生來說, 一個絕對不會陌生的地方, 但是小狐已經十年沒去過了… (待續)

Well, the stories continue… I had decided to bring Jesson to KLCC. Why? coz it’s our tallest building in the country. And where else in the world you gonna find 2 huge corns sticking on the ground? =,="

So, I drove there, parked my van. And started the walk of the night. We walked in and out of the building, I took about 30-40 shots of the buildings and surrounding. Above shown some of the pictures that I think at least qualified for me to put it up here. ^^" Like it?

While we were wondering at the park outside of KLCC, I told Jesson about the story of a couple of lovers get caught and fined coz they were kissing in the park. Come on~ it’s getting boring hanging out with another man in the park in the middle of the night… @@" I had to find some topic to keep things alive! =,=" Luckily, both of us was alright, we were not caught and fined on that night. Y=,=Y

We spent about an hour in and out, up and down the whole place…. Mostly, I heard Jesson saying :"Wow~~ Beautiful~~~" But, seriously speaking, Hong Kong has one of the best night views I had ever seen. ^^" There are still a lot of stuff we as Malaysian have to work out just to even match their standards.

Finally, we left that place… yeah, really gotta go… coz if we 2 guys stays there longer in the park, someone might think that we are “lovebirds" =,=" So once again, we are back in the van, While deciding where to bring him. I showed him how are Bukit Bintang, Bintang Walk, Ampang, Bangsar, Petaling Street… Suddenly, something came to my mind coz we were talking about some old stories of mine studying back in TARC. Yeah… those days we were always hanging out at mamak!!! Let’s go to mamak… But, which 1? BRJ!!! The 1 almost every Tarcian knows about it. I haven’t been there for the passed 10 years… (to be continue)